New construction homes come with a builder’s warranty that covers workmanship-related and material defects over the first 12 months. When this warranty period is up, any repairs become the responsibility of the homeowner. For this reason, the homeowner should hire a licensed inspector to conduct a builder’s warranty inspection while the home is still covered. This article outlines 5 reasons why this is important.

You trust your builder, but what about the subcontractors?

While your builder may be very knowledgeable and experienced in building quality homes, he or she will contract with subcontractors to install everything from the plumbing to the electrical system. The subcontractors even hire other subcontractors to assist with finishing projects. Since the builder can’t supervise all of the open projects, it’s important to hire a third-party inspector to verify that the work is sound.

Get the most out of what you’ve paid with a builder’s warranty inspection.

The builder knows that he or she is responsible for any repairs that may come up during the warranty period. When estimating the costs involved to build and complete your home, the builders include potential warranty repairs in the calculation. They have data on common repairs and the associated costs, and most builders add them to the initial construction estimate. Get your money’s worth by scheduling a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month.

What you don’t know can cost you.

All defects are not easily seen. Structural mistakes can pose safety issues for your family. For example, builder’s warranty inspections have identified electrical wires that were left cut and not secured, flue pipes that were not connected properly, and roofing issues. These things are not obvious and generally won’t show up during the first year.

However, if left undiscovered, these issues can lead to electrical fires, dangerous gases in the home, and water and mold damage in the attic. A builder’s warranty inspection can help you identify common problems found during inspections and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Be prepared for a future sale by getting a builder’s warranty inspection.

Eventually, you may want to sell your home. The builder’s warranty inspection is a great way to find defects now that may be discovered by a home inspector representing a buyer later. Many defects grow worse over time, but if caught within the first year, homeowners can mitigate the cost of repairs during the sale of the home in the future.

A home is one of the largest purchases and investments that a person will ever make in their lifetime. With this in mind, protect your investment by hiring an inspector before your warranty expires.

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