Electrical safety is a major priority that’s easy to stay on top of when you know what to do. Making small yet significant changes in your normal maintenance will keep you ahead of potential hazards so you can relax and enjoy your home. Here are a few important electrical safety tips to keep your home safe.

Electrical Safety Tips

Regularly checking outlets and cords, unplugging devices while they’re not in use, and refraining from overloading sockets will make using electricity in your home safer. Review these 5 tips for best practices at home.

Smart Placement

To reduce the risk of fire, never run extension or regular electrical cords underneath rugs and carpets or in doorways. Walking over electrical cords wears them down and damages the protective sheathing. When this happens, the wire may spark and cause a fire. Keep cords out of the way and tidy by bunching them together with zip ties.

Don’t Overload

Overloading sockets is dangerous, so it’s important to make sure that you keep the number of plugs in an outlet to a minimum. Having too many things plugged in at once can cause the circuit wiring to overheat and melt the wire insulation, which may result in a fire. Likewise, don’t overuse extension cords because an excess load can cause wall outlets to overheat.

Monitor Extension Cord Use

Extension cords are great for plugging appliances into hard-to-reach areas, but they can also become dangerous if they’re damaged or used improperly. Check your extension cords for fraying or cracked sockets and discard them if you see any loose or exposed wires. It’s also important to refrain from plugging multiple extension cords together to reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire. Instead, purchase a longer cord that suits your specific needs.

Check Electrical Receptacles for Damage

Check your wall sockets for damage so you can catch a potentially hazardous issue before it becomes a major incident. A regular inspection of your outlets is one of the best ways to spot obvious signs of exterior deterioration, which can easily be repaired by an electrician. Check for scorch marks around the outlet and a burning or fishy smell.

If you notice that a socket isn’t working properly, it may be damaged internally. Problems may be related to loose wiring, worn out slots, weak ground connections, and reverse polarity. In these instances, you’ll need an electrician to replace any faulty electrical receptacles.

Leave Things Unplugged for Electrical Safety

Unplugging your appliances and electronics while they’re not in use not only helps you save money on your monthly utility bill, it also reduces the chances that they’ll be damaged due to unexpected power surges. Outlets that aren’t constantly used retain their longevity and are less likely to cause electric shock and burn injuries. Another significant benefit of unplugging cords is that it reduces energy use.

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