What Advantages do You Get With a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone?

While the purpose of home inspections hasn’t changed over the years, the tools used to carry out the inspections have. Professionals are always looking for ways to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of their inspections. Many tools have helped inspectors achieve these goals, but no other piece of equipment has transformed the business like the aerial drone. Although used by many for recreational purposes, drones also enhance home inspections. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a home inspector who uses a drone.

High-Resolution Images

Drones are able to capture high-quality images of your property and the surrounding areas. When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, you’ll know that even pictures of the highest parts of your home’s roof will be high-resolution.

A Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone Provides a More Thorough Inspection

When dealing with a home inspector who doesn’t use a drone, homeowners may end up with a less-detailed assessment of their home. If the roof is unsafe to walk on, there are key areas that simply can’t be safely reached for inspection. However, when you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, you’ll get a more complete report with a detailed assessment of your roof.

Aerial Images for Selling the Home

When searching for a new property, homebuyers appreciate crisp and high-quality photos. If you’re in the process of selling your home, hiring a home inspector with a drone for a pre-listing inspection will give you quality images to help generate more interest in your home.

When your inspector uses a drone, he or she can capture high-resolution images of your property. It’s these kinds of images that will give homebuyers a more complete and accurate vision of your home and the surrounding area. This can lead to quicker and higher bids.

Photos of Hard-to-Reach Areas

When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, he or she will assess the entire roof no matter how high or steep, and other hard-to-reach areas. For example, gutters, downspouts, shutters, chimneys, and chimney covers can all be inspected up close with a drone. These are important components of your home, so an accurate assessment of these areas is critical.

You may have to research several home inspectors in your area before you find one who uses a drone. However, the pay off is worth the search. Before you schedule an appointment, ask if the company has access to drones to use for your home inspection.

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