As a homeowner, you have plenty of chores to take care of around the house, yet some seemingly minor repairs are important enough that you shouldn’t procrastinate. Save time and money when you handle problems early. Call a professional or tackle these home maintenance tasks yourself.

Home Maintenance Tasks Include Repairing Leaky Faucets

A dripping faucet may seem like a minor problem in a home. However, over time, the small drip is wasting water and adding to your utility bill. When repairing a leaking faucet, check out the rest of the plumbing under the sink. Look for stains on the drywall and cabinet, which could be signs of a bigger hidden leak.

When repairing a tub or shower faucet, inspect the caulking around the tub. It should be clean and intact. If it is brittle or flaking, remove the old caulk, and apply a new bead. When caulking breaks down, it allows water to seep behind the wall. Taking care of small plumbing issues early can prevent mold and water damage.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

When the weather is nice, take a walk around the property to inspect the greenery. If any bushes or tree branches are touching the siding or roof, trim them back. Shrubs that scrape across your home’s exterior can damage siding and give pests access. Branches in contact with the roof can damage shingles, leading to water intrusion and mold inside the attic.

Clean the Gutters

Keeping the gutters clean helps keep your roof in good shape. When a gutter becomes blocked, rainwater backs up and is directed under the shingles. The moisture can warp and damage your home’s trusses. A clogged gutter may also funnel water down the siding and into the window frames, causing rot and mold growth.

The downspout should direct water away from the house. If water is allowed to puddle and pool around the perimeter, it can eventually cause cracks in the foundation.

Home Maintenance Tasks: Upkeep on a Deck

If your deck is made of pressure-treated wood, you’ll need to reseal it every year or two. Reattach any fasteners that have come loose, sand rough spots, and use a pressure washer to remove mold and mildew. Replace any decking boards that are warped or splintering. After the deck has dried, apply a waterproofing sealant.

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