It isn’t common knowledge that the air inside buildings is often more polluted than outdoor air. The air inside a house is confined within the walls, so contaminants build up. If there isn’t proper ventilation and the home is not kept clean, your indoor air quality will suffer. Use these 4 tips to improve indoor air quality in the home.

Avoid Products That Contain VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are in a variety of household items, from cleaners to paints. Even some furniture emits VOCs from the glue that holds it together. You can find cleaners and paints that don’t contain VOCs. VOC-free cleaners may be labeled eco-friendly or all-natural. You can also make your own with common household ingredients like vinegar. VOC-free paints also exist, they just may cost a bit more than regular paint. Let new furniture air out on the porch or deck for several hours before bringing it into your home, or assemble it outside. This will help reduce the VOCs you are introducing into your home and improve indoor air quality.

Circulate the Air in Your Home to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Stagnant air becomes polluted more quickly than circulating air. Use ceiling and floor fans to move the air around your home, and open the windows to let fresh air inside for a few minutes every day. Turn on the ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking a meal or bathing, and leave them on for a few minutes after you are done.

Replace Filters Often

You’ll find filters in a few areas of your home: the HVAC system, vacuums, air purifiers, the furnace, and standalone AC units. Replacing filters on time is crucial for air quality. Learn how often each filter needs to be changed and add reminders to your maintenance calendar.

Improve Indoor Air Quality by Keeping the Home Clean

Keeping the home clean in general helps the indoor air stay clean. When the home is dusty and dirty, the air is affected. Dust shelves, vacuum carpets, and mop hard floors. Put mats by the entrances to keep dirt from being tracked inside.

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