In many homes, the messiest places are the closets. Here are 5 simple tips to organize your closet that will help you know where to find things more easily.

Declutter and Get Rid of Things You Don’t Wear

The fewer belongings you keep in your closet, the easier it is to keep it organized. Chances are, you have things in your closet that don’t fit or that you simply never wear. Take everything out of your closet at the beginning of your organization process. Sort them into piles of things you know you want to keep, those that you are ready to get rid of, and items that are torn, stained, or otherwise unwearable. Throw away the damaged items and make a donation box for those you will get rid of. Now you are left with only the items that you want to keep, making it easier to organize the closet.

Use All the Same Types of Hangers to Organize Your Closet

If you have different types of hangers in your closet, some plastic, some wooden, some velvet, and some metal, your hanging clothes will take up a lot more space. Choose one type of hanger and stick with it. When your hangers are uniform, the hanging clothing will fit together and save space in the closet.

Add Shelves to the Closet

Use vertical space in the closet for more organization by adding metal rack shelves about a foot below the ceiling. High-up shelves are great for storing items that aren’t used very often like formal shoes, expensive jewelry, and hats. Install shelves around the perimeter of the closet to maximize storage space and keep things off the floor.

Organize Your Closet With Hooks

Hooks are easy to install into the walls of closets or the backs of the closet doors. You can use screws and a drill or buy adhesive hooks that stick on. Hang things like ties, belts, and scarves on hooks in the closet. You’ll be able to keep these items off hangers and have easier access to them by hanging them on the walls.

Hanging Shoe Compartments Hold More Than Shoes

On either end of the closet bar, you can attach a hanging rack that is designed to hold shoes. They consist of several cloth compartments that can fit one or two pairs of shoes but can also be used to store other things. Folded-up jeans or sweaters can be stacked into these compartments as well.

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